16 Mayıs 2013 Perşembe


 Rue de Furstamberg, Paris, Color version from another view angle

 Rue de Furstamberg, Paris, Sketch on Location

Lobby of Hotel Le Relais Medicis, Paris

View from Pont des Arts in Louvre direction

View from the window of Hotel Le Relais Medicis

View from Cafe Les Editeurs

The passenger at 14B

10 Mayıs 2013 Cuma

KAS 2012

 Meis Island from Amphora Hotel, KAS

Liman Agzi, KAS

Sketch from the boat tour_1

Sketch from the boat tour_2

 Kovan Island Sketches

Pigeon Island, Hidayet Bay, KAS

Woman on the shore of Bilal's Beach

1 Mayıs 2013 Çarşamba


From window of Heyamola Restaurant, Inebolu

  Rest area at Ilgaz Mountain 
Ilgaz Mountain Peak

Old house in Inebolu 1

"Tirit'ci" in Kastamonu

Kemal's place

Kure Mountain

View from the cafeteria of Yakamoz Hotel
On the way from Cankiri to Ilgaz